About Us

U3A Australia is the national face of the U3A movement in Australia, bringing together the State and Territory networks of U3A groups throughout the country.

U3A (University of the Third Age) began in Australia in 1984, in Melbourne, and spread rapidly to other parts of Australia. U3As were established as autonomous groups, with their own administration and curriculum according to the needs and interests of each group. There are now about 300 U3As in Australia, with about 100,000 members. Over time, these groups began to appreciate the importance of networking, and to form incorporated Network organisations on a State-wide basis. Almost all U3A activity takes place at a local or State-wide network level.

U3A Australia was formed in 2010 to foster co-operation and exchange of information between the Networks, and to advocate for the U3A movement at a national level where deemed appropriate and necessary.

The U3A Australia works through a Memorandum of Understanding which recites its Vision, Objectives and Activities.

The Chair and Secretariat of U3AAA rotates through its membership. The current Chair is Glen Wall, Vice President of U3A Network Victoria.

The members of U3A Australia contribute to a quarterly bulletin which provides regular updates of news and information about U3A in their State or Territory, and other information of mutual interest.